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3 Brilliant Reasons to Be Your Own Best Friend

be your own best friend

Self-love is the best love there is, and the greatest gift you can give to yourself. People come and go; the longest relationship you have in this lifetime is with yourself, so you have to learn to be your own best friend.

3 Brilliant Reasons to Become Your Own Best Friend

be your own best friend

You Know Yourself Inside & Out

If you know yourself, you will understand that taking care of yourself first is essential to being able to take care of someone else in any capacity. It’s the oxygen mask scenario: if you don’t put yours on first, you won’t be able to function long enough to help someone else out. Take the time to get to know yourself and find out how incredible you are. If you don’t feel that self-love yet, give yourself time, and try to focus on staying positive and gentle when it comes to developing yourself. Find what helps you feel confident (I love journaling) and connected to your soul and let that feeling grow by fostering that commitment to yourself.

You Give Yourself Unconditional Self-Love

Other people won’t always be there for you, but if you are your own best friend, you know what you need in any given situation. If you’re feeling sad, you know how to make yourself happy again. Get in touch with your emotions and what drives you, and let love find its way into your heart whenever you need it. You don’t need to rely on someone else to tell you that they love you. Love yourself first and never question your worth. Strengthen your bond with yourself by repeating affirmations in the mirror daily and following guided self-love meditations. Once you understand your worth, you'll find it increasingly difficult to be around people who do not.

You Are Never Alone

Who cares if your friends are busy and can’t go to the movies or out to dinner with you? Go by yourself. Enjoy “me” time and build your confidence while you’re at it. Go to your favorite restaurant by yourself and savor your meal. Or head to the movies and watch the film you want to see, without having to play “heads or tails” to decide. Go shopping alone and enjoy the fact you're on your own time and don't need to wait around or hurry for anyone else. Learn to love your own company, and you will realize you are never alone. Let yourself discover how much fun doing things on your own can be.

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