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3 At-Home Spa Rituals for Self-Love

Self-love is a priority. Once you ignite that love within yourself, it will bleed into all the other aspects in your life. I like to have at-home spa days for some needed me-time. In a way, this is me telling myself: you are enough, you are worthy of a break, I love you and I value you. We put ourselves through stress with work and all things happening in our lives. We need to pause and thank ourselves for going through the roller coaster of life. Here are 3 at-home spa rituals I do for self-love. 

1. Bubble Bath

Creating the ambiance is key for any bubble bath. To set the mood, I turn down the lights, turn on my favorite candles, and some meditation music. While the warm water is running, I pour in Royal Spa’s Nourishing Brown Sugar Bath & Shower Gel and pour myself a glass of wine. Now just lay, relax, and thank yourself for the needed break. The warm water will help relax your muscles and your mind. Take deep cleansing breaths to help detox and cleanse your lungs. Practice gratitude and be present! Allow the healing powers of a bubble bath soothe your soul. 

2. Mask

I like to mask often to keep my skin radiant and healthy. When I am in need of a little self-love, I transform those mask days into a self-love ritual. After I have cleansed and toned my skin, I set the mood by turning on my favorite candles and relaxing music. Then I apply my favorite sheet mask, Lumiere de Vie’s Moisture Intense Masque. With my Rose Quartz Roller, I roll outwards, away from the center of my face, to promote the absorption of the masque’s amazing ingredients and attract self-love. Then I lay down and take deep cleansing breaths, to relax my body and my mind. Once I have allowed the masque to do its work for 25 minutes, I spread the essence of the mask on my decolletage and hands. 

3. Self Massage

Self massages have so many benefits. From improving circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage, to improving sleep and your immune system. In Ayurveda, self massages, or abhyanga, are done with oil, but you can use your favorite body cream as well. As a ritual, after a warm shower, I set the mood with dim lighting, my favorite candles, and relaxing music. I start with my arms and work my way down using the Renewal Hand & Body Creme to give my skin an extra boost of hydration. When you get to your joints, massage them in circular motions. As you reach each different part of your body, thank it for all that your body does for you. Practice gratitude and take deep cleansing breaths. Really take the time to honor your body and show yourself some love.

Having these at-home rituals help boost your mood and improve all aspects of your life. Try these and show yourself some love!


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