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Tips To Improve Your #28DAYSOFSKIN Social Posts 

I’m personally loving the #28DAYSOFSKIN challenge and sharing my journey on social media with all of you. There’s two main reasons why I love this challenge so much! Starting #28DAYSOFSKIN will motivate you to stay consistent in your routine and you’ll see real results. The second reason why I love this challenge is because sharing your journey will help your business. The more you share the more you’ll sell. I’ve noticed many people sharing their posts on private profiles and groups. I strongly encourage you to share your posts on your public, personal profiles as well! The goal is to reach more people and the best way to do that is using the official hashtag (#28DAYSOFSKIN) and posting a great photo on your feed. Need help on creating the perfect post? I listed a few tips to improve your content instantly.

Tips To Improve Your #28DAYSOFSKIN Social Posts

  • Great natural light, stand by a large window or use a ring light to help illuminate your face and get rid of shadows. Be sure to take all of your photos at the same time of day so the lighting looks consistent.
  • Position yourself so your background is clean and simple so the focus is you and your skin.
  • Use the front-facing camera on your phone so can you see the picture before to snap it, be sure to wipe off the lense so your photo is clear and sharp.
  • Practice posing, once you find a pose you like be consistent with your progress photos. Pro-tip, shoot from above to give yourself a more slimming angle.
  • Ditch the filters and photo editing apps. You want this photo to show off what your skin truly looks like, so don’t over-edit or smooth over your skin.
  • Wear the same outfit, similar to how consistent lighting is key, consistency with your outfit is also important. Be sure to wear the same color in all of your progress photos, wearing a red or blue shirt can drastically change the appearance of your skin.



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