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2019 Goals: 10 Things to Let Go of Next Year

2019 goals

I’ll spare you from any more “Frozen” references, but yes, this post is all about the art of letting go and how to have a happier more successful life in 2019 and beyond. Keep reading for my list of what you should let go of in the new year.

2019 Goals: 10 Things to Let Go of Next Year

2019 goals

1. Online Clutter

Does your inbox have over 3,000 unread messages in it (even if they’re just spam or newsletters)? Subscribe to a service (like Unroll.Me) that unsubscribes you from emails you don’t read.

2. Taking Things Personally

People say and do hurtful things all the time, and most of the time, they have nothing to do with you.

3. Over-Scheduling

Make sure to give yourself a break to relax and recharge your batteries once in a while.

4. Comparing

Everyone is on their journey, on their own time. Your success at age 30 is what someone might achieve at age 70. We all have different goals and timelines. And there is enough success available in the world for us all to be happy and prosperous.

5. Making Excuses

Stop finding reasons for why you can’t tick that item off your bucket list, or can’t build your dream life. Excuses are created to distract ourselves from fear, so focus on how you will make your goals happen.

6. Focusing on Others

Their life, their path, and their success have nothing to do with yours. Don’t spend precious energy comparing yourself or putting down others to make yourself feel better about where you are, or about where you feel like you should be. You’ll get there. Fix your mindset and focus on yourself and watch the transformation happen.

7. Saying Yes

Saying “yes” can be a magical thing, but it can also open you up to people taking advantage of your kindness. Make sure to set boundaries of what you will allow and how you will allow people to treat you. It’s always nice to help others, but if it’s adding undue stress to your life, stop saying “yes” and prioritize yourself until you have a better balance.

8. Negative Self-Talk

Make your life a negativity-free zone. To manifest your best life, you need to feel your best, and that includes treating your mind right. Tell yourself how smart and accomplished you are, and nurture yourself with positive self-talk.

9. Procrastination

Tomorrow may never come, so make like Nike and “Just Do It.”

10. Gossip

Get rid of anything that isn’t serving your life in a positive way, including gossip. Focus on bringing up your friends instead of gossiping about them or others behind their backs.

What do you plan to let go of in 2019? Tweet me @lorenridinger.


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