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10 Ways to Wake Up Refreshed

Read my 10 ways to wake up refreshed each morning!  There is nothing like a good night’s sleep that makes you wake up feeling as if you have the energy to take on the world.  Good, restful sleep has to be prompted and takes works on our end to create the best environment to get the perfect slumber.  To wake up refreshed means that we have to prepare the night before – bad evening rituals can lead to tired, sluggish mornings.  Perhaps we need to change things up?  Here are 10 ways wake up refreshed:

10 ways wake up refreshed

1. Avoid draining disputes before going to bed.

2. Give yourself 15 minutes to wind down mentally before going to sleep.

3. Meditate.

4. Develop a consistent sleep routine.

5. Feng Shui your room.

6. Open your window just a little to get some night time air.

7. Turn off the television, computer and phone before going to sleep.

8. Drink a glass of room temperature water after getting up.

9. Look forward to the day ahead of you.

10. Wake up with a spirit of gratitude.


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