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10 Signs Your Online Dating Life Is Toxic

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Relationships aren't always happy ever after; sometimes they're just plain toxic. Read on to discover the typical signs of a poisonous online dating life so that you can learn to let negative people go and stop attracting them into your life.

1. The people you date are on explosive terms with all of their ex-partners, yet they never acknowledge any role they played in the breakdown of the relationships.

2. You feel a constant need to continually refresh your online datings apps to check who's interested in you.

3. The people you date attract drama like a moth to light, yet never acknowledge they attract it themselves.

4. Your dates often insult or make fun of you in front of others then claim they're 'only joking' when you react to their words - yet you still feel a need to win their approval.

5. You feel anxious, stressed, or insecure when you're around them yet continue to date them.

6. They are overly negative about all of your friends and give you various reasons why you should end these friendships.

7. They make you question yourself and doubt yourself frequently.

8. You feel like you need to spend all of your free time always seeking validation from strangers, yet quickly grow bored of talking to the same person.

9. You use fake profile photos and pretend you're a different person online to catfish people because you don't feel confident they'd like you as your real self.

10. You spend more than 10 hours per week on online dating apps.

If you feel like the people you date often turn out to be toxic, it's time to focus on yourself to understand why you keep getting sucked into toxic relationships. Happiness starts from within. Take an online dating detox.