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The 10 Best Instagram Accounts for Fitness Motivation

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If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for the next best fitness regimen to keep your body and mind looking and feeling great. One of my favorite ways to get excited about fitness and to find new ideas for my own fitness plan is to look on Instagram. I love seeing all the incredible body transformations and fun fitness routines out there. Here’s a roundup of my 10 favorite Instagram accounts for fitness motivation right now.

The 10 Best Instagram Accounts for Fitness Motivation

Kelsey Wells @kelseywells

Sweat Life NYC @sweatlife_nyc

TRX Training @trxtraining

Passion, purpose, progress. . : @mfitstudio . #MakeItPersonal #TRX #SuspensionTrainer

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Ron Boss Everline @justtrain

Juli Bauer Roth @paleomg

Orange Theory @orangetheory

You know those days when you’re just totally on during your #Orangetheory workout? #KeepBurning

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Kaisa Keranen @kaisafit

Band Work! #tbt

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Alexia Clark @alexia_clark

Vnh Pham @vinnierehab

Running Tight Vs. Running Relaxed [technique @vlfit] . Are you tensing up too much when you run? This is the MOST COMMON PROBLEM that people have when they’re trying to run faster! . Trying too hard or muscling through your runs can actually make you RUN SLOWER❗️ . Sounds crazy right? But maximum power output actually requires supreme relaxation of your muscles . Think of a great golf swing Can you imagine how slow the swing would be if the golfer tensed up all their muscles throughout the entire range of motion? It would be absolutely terrible! . Next time you run fast or sprint, try implementing the following tips ☝ (which will require you to stay relaxed while you run!): . 1️⃣ High Heel Recovery: Sprinting is a CYCLICAL movement! In order to cycle as fast as possible, the leg that’s swinging forward must be shortened as much as possible by lifting your heel to your bum Think of how a figure skater has to bring in their arms and legs in closer to their body in order to spin faster! . 2️⃣ Upright Posture: Don’t slump your shoulders forward! This will impair the degree to which your arms can help propel you. . 3️⃣ Neutral Head Position: If you protract your neck out, not only are you excessively extending your cervical spine (which can be painful), it can actually make you look up too much and prevent you from moving forward effectively. Keep the head/neck neutral and your gaze set in front of you. . 4️⃣ Arm Movement: If you’re too tense, your arms won’t be helping you run faster as much as they could be. Keep that chest open, and swing your arms through relaxed shoulders. Your stride will open up as your arms do. . *NOTE* this was filmed near the back end of the treadmill to prevent the handle bars from blocking the view of foot contact. Typically, workouts on treadmill should be performed between the front and middle of the belt to reduce risk of falling* . TAG SOMEONE WHO SHOULD LOOSEN UP WHEN THEY RUN . #Myodetox #vlfitness

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Kira Stokes @kirastokesfit

Do you have any favorite fitness Instagram accounts?


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