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Why is Skin Brightening Right for You?


Guest Blogger:  Joyce Baron

Many men and women want to know how to lighten dark skin on their body. Whether you are suffering from patches of dark skin due to a chronic condition, were simply born with freckles and don’t like them or have age spots, topical skin brightening treatments can help.


Hyperpigmentation Is Negatively Affecting Your Life

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition in which patches or spots of skin become darker in appearance than the surrounding skin according to the American Osteopathic Academy of Dermatology (AOCD). This darkening usually occurs when the body produces excess melanin, which determines skin tone. Freckles and occasional dark spots are common among both men and women, and a condition known as cholasma often occurs during pregnancy for women. If hyperpigmentation is a problem for you, skin brightening creams can provide some relief. Skin brightening creams work to lighten the affected skin over time. Look for skin brightening creams that contain natural ingredients and allow 3 to 6 months for the brightening cream to work.

You Want to Look Younger

Nobody wants to get old, but unfortunately, there’s little we can do about it. However, you can make your skin look younger by making sure you follow a healthy skin care regimen along with the use of a skin brightening product to get rid of dark spots, ruddiness and the appearance of fine lines. Skin brightening products work to reduce the appearance of these age related problems by gently lightening the skin. If your goal is to look younger, you don’t need hydroquinone treatments. Instead, choose a skin brightening product that contain natural ingredients.

You Have Embarrassing Scars

Scars can be embarrassing, and if they are visibly darker than the rest of your skin, they can make you feel self-conscious and awkward. Skin lightening creams that contain lactic acid and glycolic acid can help to decrease the visibility of dark scars. Lactic acid and glycolic acid work to lighten skin by increasing cell turnover rate, meaning that the old damaged cells with be replaced with new, healthy cells faster, resulting a more even skin tone. Look for the over-the-counter products between 4% and 15% lactic or glycolic acid. If you feel you need something stronger your dermatologist may be able to prescribe something for you.

Skin lightening treatments can be used safely and effectively, but not all skin lightening products are safe for every person. If you’re already using topical treatments, whether they’re over-the-counter products or ones prescribed by your doctor, you should speak with your dermatologist before adding new products to your skin care routine.

Author Bio:

Joyce Barone, believes strongly that everyone deserves to look, and feel, their absolute best.  After getting dark spots during pregnancy, she spent many years researching skin care products until she found the right products.  She currently blogs for Skintrium and teaches webinars on nutrition for skin care.