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5 Little Known Ways to Feel Valuable Everywhere You Go


Guest Blogger:  Tamisha Ford |

We all want to feel valuable.  Every human being on this planet wants to matter to someone.

However, in our lives, we can get so busy and cover ourselves up with schedules, busy-ness, and obligations.  When this happens, we subconsciously diminish not only the value we are providing in our life, work, and relationships, but we are actually devaluing others.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing many hats if you know when it’s time to remove them.  In order to feel valuable in everything you are doing, while also valuing others, here’s some little known ways you can get there, while honoring yourself, your family, and your goals.


  1.  Assess your work.  Look at the environment you’re in every day in your work or job.  How are you contributing or showing up?  What is your attitude about your work?  How do you REALLY feel about it?  Evaluate the state of pay: is what you’re making and the impact you have what you want it to be?  Knowing these answers will greatly increase your value & how you’re showing up.
  2. Relationship reviews.  Relationships are the most important thing we do in this world.  One reason Market America is so successful is because of their motto: “Built on Product.  Powered by People.”  It’s why Virgin and Apple stand so tall in their markets.  These are companies who understand the value of relationship.  Do you understand the value of your relationships?  When you really surround yourself with valuable relationships, your personal value is lifted.  You are worth that.
  3. Know who you are spiritually.  Your faith is important.  Knowing where your values come from creates the ultimate value you are giving out every day, in your work ethic and in your decisions.  When this is in order, you are you no matter where you go.
  4. Schedule your way to freedom.  Conventional “wisdom” says that too much scheduling is a bad thing.  I beg to differ.  The more you schedule, the more freedom and value you will have.  Put EVERYTHING on a calendar.  It doesn’t mean you can’t make small changes when needed, but doing this will grow your life and your business immensely.
  5. Understand the deep value of marketing.  I learned from Loren that a brand is just a special relationship.  Modern-day marketing is quite a bit different than ancient marketing tactics.  The reason being that this is the age of transparency.  Everything in your communication and how you present yourself matters and ups your personal and business value.  It’s about integrity, love, compassion, understanding people’s fears and desires, and being honest about who you are and what you bring to the table.

What are some other ways you can share about how you are showing up in a valuable way every day?  Leave a comment and let us know.