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Identity Theft: 4 Keys to Claiming Your OWN Identity

February 16th, 2013

Guest Blogger:  Natasha Weston |

Often times, we get so caught up with wanting to be like someone else until we lose our own identity. We rob ourselves of living out our own dreams and purpose because we are so busy obsessing over someone else’s! A lot of times we wish we were like the next person or wish we had what the next person has; it is very important that we don’t confuse admiration with idolizing to the point of losing one’s own self. This is very easy to do, but here are a few keys to claiming your own identity that you need to remember.

Identity Theft: 4 Keys to Claiming Your OWN Identity
  1. There is no one else on this planet made like you!
  2. If God wanted two of each person, then why are you here?
  3. Claiming your own identity is the key to your own life victories (personal, financial and spiritual)
  4. Protect your identity as if someone were trying to steal it

Visualization Leads to Success by Natasha Weston

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