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How to Organize a Successful Fashion Event


Guest Blogger:  Julia Kirk

Organizing a successful fashion event is something that needs to be done carefully. Many aspects will have to come together to pull off a fashion event smoothly. Each of these aspects must be given equal attention and details must be checked and double checked before the day the event is to take place. U.K. residents planning a fashion event often consult with Venue Search London for assistance. For everyone else, here are the things that need to be done to organize a fashion show successfully.


How to Organize a Successful Fashion Event

Set A Budget

The first step is to set a realistic budget. The budget for the event will determine how elaborate it will be. Developing an effective strategy for the fashion event will help in determining how big the budget will need to be. This is the point in the process where it is necessary to obtain sponsors for the event. The more money companies and individuals are willing to shell out to become a sponsor, the more choices are available when it comes to planning. Those planning a fashion event should brainstorm as to who they want to target to act as sponsors.

Choose A Theme

Choosing the theme for a fashion event is also important when searching for sponsors. The type of sponsors targeted should have some relation to the theme. For example, if the theme of the fashion event will be breast cancer awareness, charitable organizations that support the cause would be the best place to start looking for sponsorship. The theme will also dictate the particular fashions that are on display at the event or unveiled there for the first time. The music and decorations used for the event should also reflect its theme.

Once a theme has been chosen, it is time to recruit models that will best show off the fashion styles being displayed.

 Find A Venue

The more fashion conscious the area an event is being held in is the more elegance will be expected in terms of the venue itself. Stylish venues are the best choice for any fashion event. The chosen venue should closely represent the brand the event features. For example, if the event will be featuring evening gowns, the venue should be glamorous. If the event will be featuring casual or weekend clothes it should be held in a more casual venue. Many shopping malls will put on a fashion event to reveal the new clothing the mall will be selling for the upcoming season, whether that season is summer, winter, spring or fall.

Obtain Appropriate Décor

No fashion event is complete without a décor that represents the event’s theme. It is also important to determine that the chosen venue is big enough to accommodate both the runway and seating for the audience. There should also be enough room in the venue to set up refreshment tables for those attending the event.

Once these things are set, the next step is to ensure that the sound system at the venue will be appropriate. It should be tested prior to the event to ensure that everything works correctly and that the sound will be loud enough to be heard but not loud enough to be bothersome. Another aspect of the planning that must be taken care of is ensuring that the models have a convenient place to change their clothes in.

 Advertise The Event

The best planning in the world does no good unless the fashion event is advertised properly. Invitations should be sent to those in the fashion industry who will want to take part in the event. To sell tickets to the general public, it is advisable to utilize both social media and local media to get the word about when and where the event is, as well as the purpose of it. Advertising it to local clothing stores can also help bring people in.

 Schedule A Dress Rehearsal

To ensure that everyone participating in the fashion event knows what they will be doing and how they will be doing it, scheduling a dress rehearsal is crucial. It should be held a few days before the actual event and should be presented just as it is planned to be on the day the event takes place. This will give the models a chance to practice their runway walk and determine how much time they will have to change outfits in between walks. The dress rehearsal is the time to make sure the music that will be played during the event will add to it rather than detracting from it. The models can take their cue from the music so they know when to enter the runway.


Putting these plans into effect will serve to make it very easy to organize and execute a successful fashion event.