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How to Be Confident at Any Age


Guest Blogger:  Shannon Kaiser |

I have many friends that are just turning 30. I have even more friends that have recently, or are getting ready to, turn 40. Some of my best friends are in their 50s. I don't think this is weird at all. In conversations with many of my friends, I see that age brings up a lot of different insecurities for all age groups. It's true that when we age, our bodies change and sometimes we look different then we use to.

You only have to look to Hollywood to see the many women, and men, who turn to plastic surgery and other unnatural processes to stay looking beautiful and young. Obsession and fear of aging has become an epidemic. Rather than focusing on our skills and talents, we feel that our worth is tied to our looks and other outward reflections of success.

I coach many people who say they encounter ageism in the workplace all the time - whether it is someone getting ready to retire belittling new college graduates for being too young to know anything, or baby boomers assuming they're too old to find rewarding work anymore. Feeling insecure about age is a real fear. Here are tips from my new book, Find Your Happy, that can help you feel confident at any age.


How to Be Confident at Any Age

It's not what you do, but who you're being

My yoga teacher the other day reminded me, "It's not what you're doing, but who you are being." Many of us can get caught up in a resume or job title, but in a universal sense, none of this matters. What really matters in life is how we act and who we are being. Are you gossiping about others, or trying to compete to bring down other people in an effort to get ahead? Are you filling your day with love and compassion? As we lift each other up with support and love, we can improve every aspect of our life.

Find a mentor (at any age)

Personally I've never worried about aging. I've always looked up to my beautiful mother. She helped me recognize that life gets better with age. As we age, we find we've learned more, we grow, and we have more experiences to draw from. Look to see who has something you admire, and align with them to be your mentor. Mentors can provide great insight and help us get out of our own way.

Avoid Competition

When we are connected to our true-self, we recognize that there is an infinite amount of abundance in the world. We no longer think that if another person gets something we want then we are diminished.  When we are open to abundant possibilities, those possibilities will appear. This means that you're never too young, or too old, to do what is in your heart.

Quit the negative self talk

The negative emotions and stories that we play in our head can affect our outcomes. If you think that your age will stop you from finding good work, those thoughts will be your reality. Instead, transform your own life by choosing positive thoughts and changing your negative perceptions to focused ones. Focus on what you want rather than what you don't want.