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9 Telling Signs That Reveal You Are A Beauty Addict


Guest Blogger:  Julia Kirk

Becoming a beauty addict is one of those things that happens slowly, but surely for some women. Women often get involved in beauty slowly, during their teen years, and the appetite for makeup and skincare products starts to grow. In many ladies, the appetite comes on in adult years, but is very strong. Here are 9 signs that you are becoming, or that you have already become a beauty addict.


9 Telling Signs That Reveal You Are A Beauty Addict

  • You spend hours watching beauty tutorials

Since the inception of user related videos and tutorials, there has been a high interest in the beauty and fashion field. Those who are beauty addicts will find themselves spending hours and hours going through beauty tutorials uploaded by other users in order to find new look ideas to try.

  • Your makeup takes up more space than anything else.

Most women have makeup training cases in order contain their makeup. For beauty addicts, one single training case simply will not do. Beauty addict women will find that their makeup takes up more counter space in their bathroom and bedroom than they would like to admit. Some women will have entire organizers dedicated to nothing but makeup. Though you may purchase many precious clothing items, such as quality women’s quilted jackets and high end heels, your makeup collection may always take priority as far as space. The rest may be strewn about.

  • You count down the days to new makeup and clothing releases

Some people stand in line for tickets to a concert. Some people stand in line for the new Star Wars movie. Some beauty addicts will stand in line for the release of new makeup or clothing lines in order to participate in their favorite hobby. If you find yourself counting down the days on the calendar until the release of new lines and products that are being put out by makeup companies, you are definitely in the beauty addict territory.

  • You won’t be seen without makeup

This is one of the telltale signs of a true beauty addict. Beauty addicts always wear makeup. The reason why they wear makeup is not necessarily because they don’t think their face looks good without it, it’s that they prefer to enhance their beauty at all times. They also have a lot of makeup that they need to use.

  • You are not able to use a full product

Women who purchase the essential beauty products are able to finish up a full mascara or a full foundation bottle before going shopping for another one. For beauty addicts, it is a forgone conclusion that there is no way that you will be able to finish one product in its entirety. Those who are addicted to beauty products will have issues finishing up one single product, and may end up throwing others away due to their age while they are still nearly full.

  • You can put on makeup without looking in the mirror

While mirrors are a convenience, for the makeup addict, they may simply be an accessory that makes life a little easier but are not necessary. True makeup addicts have had a lot of practice applying their makeup. This means that application is now memory based, rather than being based on having to mix and match colors or designs by looking into a mirror. This skill is a great one to have when it comes to women who have to work quickly.

  • Makeup shopping is you suggestion for a fun activity

A true beauty addict is known to her friends as being the girl who always wants to go shopping. The beauty addict will constantly suggest making a stop at the makeup counter with her friends when they go shopping. There is always something new that she wants to try, and she feels a considerable level of wanderlust when it comes to makeup and beauty products.

  • The sales counters know your name

If the sales people at your local stores tend to know your name at the makeup and skincare counters, you know that you have become a full-fledged beauty addict. The sales people will greet you with the same friendly smile and personalized greeting that they would give to their friends. This has its perks, as being friendly with those at your favorite counters will give you a heads up when sales are coming, or when a new line is being released. Some sales people may also have the option to extend to you their employee discount at different times throughout the year.

  • When you know several beauty quotes

While every girl should have mantras about beauty, the beauty addict will keep several quotes about beautiful women, or women who are made up at the tip of their tongue during conversation. These mantras aren’t something that you may have just found on the internet. As a makeup addict you may have actually lived many of these quotes. As a beauty addict, if beauty quotes ring true for you, don’t be afraid to use them!

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