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Miami’s Top Chefs Share Their Insider Tips for Home Cooks

June 17th, 2017

Enviable culinary chops is part skill and part knowledge. To help home cooks step up their game in the kitchen, here are some amazing essential cooking tips from Miami’s renowned chefs. Take note – these are worth copying.  Happy Cooking!

Expert Cooking Tips from Top Miami Chefs

Miami’s Top Chefs Share Their Insider Tips for Home Cooks

Avoid Sticky Situations

“When searing fish with skin on, it is best to have your pan smoking hot with a small amount of oil. Once the pan starts to smoke, add the fish and lower the temperature to the middle. This will prevent the fish from sticking when turning it over.” – Carlos Estarita, executive chef at DÔA

Photo credit: Seaspice

Make Any Onion Tear-Free

“Put onions in ice water for 10 minutes before cutting them; this prevents them from causing your eyes to water.” –Angel Leon, executive chef at Seaspice Miami

Maintain a Fresh Look

“Add ascorbic acid to your guacamole and it will not blacken. Use half of a coffee spoon for 4 avocados.” – Erwin Mallet, executive chef at Villa Azur

“Avoid lettuce from becoming dark by breaking the leaves with your hands instead of using a knife because the blade of the knife warms up the leaf and oxidizes it.” – Wendy Cacciatori, executive chef at Via Emilia 9 

Spread Sauces Evenly

“When it comes to pizza pies, apply your tomato sauce and any topping sauce with a cooking brush to spread it evenly.” – Frank Crupi, managing partner and head pizza baker at Andiamo.

Photo credit: Andiamo

Say Bye to Dry Meat

“Season your meat right before you cook it; this will keep the meat moist. If you season it hours in advance it will make the meat dry.” –Angel Leon, executive chef at Seaspice Miami

Get an Even Searing

“If you’re cooking steak, leave it out in room temperature 20-30 minutes before cooking. The air drying drains the internal chemicals and ambient air creates a skin on the meat for perfect searing and even cooking.” – Carlos Estarita, executive chef at DÔA

Enhance Your Greens

“To enhance the color of green vegetables attributed to chlorophyll, dip the vegetables uncooked into ice water, then in boiling salted water and again in ice water.” – Erwin Mallet, executive chef at Villa Azur

Photo credit: Via Emilia 9

Cutting Hack

“Put grape tomatoes between two small plates and cut through the middle while applying small pressure to top plate.” – Wendy Cacciatory, executive chef at Via Emilia 9

I don’t know about you, but that post made me work up an appetite! Do you have any kitchen hacks to share? Let me know in the comments!

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