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World Vegan Day: Earn Rewards with SHOP.COM

world vegan day

World vegan day is so much more than merely celebrating the vegan diet. The majority of new skincare lines are no longer tested on animals, like Lumiere de Vie and Motives Cosmetics. An increasing number of alcohol and fashion brands are certified vegan too. Here are a few ways to celebrate World Vegan Day, even if you're not vegan.

1. Give the 30-day vegan pledge a try.

If you're vegan-curious, why not dive in and take the 30-day vegan pledge this November? Abstain from eating meat and dairy for a whole 30 days to test your vegan tastebuds and note any positive changes to your skin and overall health.

2. Organize a vegan-themed lunch or snacks at work.

If you're keen to try the vegan diet, or already incorporate veganism into your life, organize some delicious vegan snacks to share with your co-workers.

3. Support a local animal sanctuary.

Visit your local animal sanctuary or donate to help support your local animal charities.

4. Treat yourself.

Find the best offers on SHOP.COM for vegan products. Go to SHOP.COM Local to earn cash back or rewards from your local vegan restaurants and suppliers.

5. Host a vegan potluck.

Support your vegan friends or challenge them to create the best vegan dish by hosting a vegan potluck.

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