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3 Red, White, and Blue Cocktails to Mix Up for Election Night

Time to face the music, ladies and gents. No matter which way you're voting today, Election Night is not without its share of stress and controversy this year. But at the end of it all, I hope we can make the best of the results, no matter what they may be. If you're gathering tonight to watch the historic results, you may want to share a festive drink with friends. Just ahead, I'm sharing three recipes from Sparkling Ice (which you can get on SHOP.COM) to mix up for Election Night.



3 Red, White, and Blue Cocktails to Mix Up for Election Night

Star-Spangled Supercooler


1 Part Reisling

1 Part Pomegranate Blueberry Sparking Ice

Pomegranate Seeds


Teaspoon Agave



Mix all in a pitcher, pour into wine glasses, and add a mint leaf garnish.


Civic Cherry Cognac


1 Part Cognac

1 Part Black Cherry Sparkling Ice


Pour over ice into rocks glass and garnish with cherry.


Stars, Stripes & Sage


1 Part Coffee Liquer

2 Parts Black Raspberry Sparkling Ice

Splash of Heavy Cream

Sage Leaf (to garnish)


Mix coffee liqueur and Black Raspberry Sparkling Ice in cocktail glass. Just before serving, gently add cream and garnish with a sage leaf.