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Wedding Season: Ally Hilfiger's Custom Wedding Dress

When Ally Hilfiger wed in late June, I was stunned by her absolutely gorgeous dress. Little did I know that it was designed by her father, and my friend, Tommy Hilfiger. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised that the daughter of the famous designer would wear a dress custom made by her own father. To me, the gown seemed like such a departure from his usual designs. I guess, when you're designing a look for your daughter something's got to give. Check out her dress below!

Wedding Season: Ally Hilfiger's Custom Wedding Dress


According to Refinery29, Ally collaborated with her father to create the dress. "He has a really great eye and [knows] what looks good on a woman – and I have a clear vision of what I want, so I think that combining those will make for a beautiful dress."

Congratulations @allyhilfiger & @stevehash #thefacinator #hilfigerhashwedding #mustique

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The cream-colored slip dress and hood combination made for a bohemian-chic look perfect for their wedding that was held on a private island in the West Indies.

So happy for my daughter Ally's wedding to @Steve hash. Photo credit @Eshander

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I love Ally's dress for it's unique look. If you're an alternative bride, this dress is definitely #goals. What do you think of Ally's wedding dress? Let me know in the comments section or tweet me @lorenridinger.