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Tips to Wearing Makeup With Glasses

Gals in glasses don't always have it easy when it comes to beauty. Sometimes your frames obscure your gorgeous makeup look! Who wants that? That's why I brought on the makeup guru who's changing the glasses game. Sam Maries is an expert when it comes to wearing makeup with her glasses. All it takes is one glance at her Instagram account to know she's got the beauty chops. Check her out below.

Tips to Wearing Makeup With Glasses

Gorgeous, no? Sam says it's all about the mascara when trying to make your eyes stand out under those frames.

"I use a really black, thickening mascara on my top lashes and a lengthening one on my lower lashes. Lengthening mascaras work best on lower lashes because they won’t touch your lenses when you’re wearing glasses. I like to add a thickening mascara to the top lashes so your lashes are voluminous without the length and annoyance of them hitting your lenses. Having great lashes automatically makes any other eye makeup look sultrier, even if it’s a neutral look."

Who wouldn't want to rock a sultry look on the daily? Aside from mascara, Sam attributes her bright makeup looks looks to hyper pigmented eye shadows and strong primers. According to her, "the more pigmented, the more noticeable it will be behind glasses."

Stay tuned in to My Fashion Cents for more tips and tricks from Sam in the coming months! In the meantime, check out her Youtube channel to learn some of her other makeup for glasses tips!

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