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Nike to Debut the Sports Hijab in 2018

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Nike is here to remind us that sport is for all! In February, Nike Middle East released the Nike Hijab, a breathable, lightweight hijab for female athletes. After a series of prototypes and feedback from Muslim athletes, Nike is officially releasing the Nike Hijab in the US. Athletes Ibtihaj Muhammad, Zahra Lari, and Zeina Nassar appear in the first ever commercial for the new product. I was so excited to watch it. It reminds me that we're all strong, beautiful women no matter our religion, background, or color. Check it out below and be inspired.

Nike to Debut the Sports Hijab in 2018

This ad makes me want to go out there and kick some ass along with these ladies. It's a simple, breathable design perfect for any sport. Zahra Lari, an ice dancer from the Arab Emirates, has this to say about the Nike product: "[the new hijab is] a reminder to us Muslim women that we can achieve anything in the world. What Nike has done for Muslim athletes is a dream that we never thought would happen."

Olympian and bronze medal winner, Ibtihaj Muhammad says that she didn't realize how much her old hijabs would hinder her performance. "It really sunk in how much my previous hijab was hindering my performance. Suddenly, I could hear, I wasn't as hot, and it felt like my body was able to cool itself down better and faster."

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The Nike Hijab will be available in early 2018.