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Make Your Eyes Pop Under Your Glasses

Sam Maries is back with some of her helpful tips to making your eyes pop underneath glasses. Makeup and glasses don't always go together. Your frames obscure your look, making your makeup less noticeable. Luckily, Sam knows how to rock makeup with glasses to make your eyes pop! That's why today we're going over some of her tricks to help your eyes stand out underneath those thick frames. Read on to learn more.

Make Your Eyes Pop Under Your Glasses

If there's one thing Sam swears by, it's thick, filled-in brows. According to her, "Good brows make you look so much more put together, and I love having them shaped and filled while wearing my glasses." For this, go for a eyeliner pencil that's a shade close to your own brows. I'm a big fan of Motives® for La La Mineral Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil for keeping my brows looking strong.

For making her eyes POP, Sam uses a couple of highlighting techniques that keep her look sleek. For her, it's all about that nude pencil. "If you want to make your eyes bigger behind glasses, use nude eyeliner on your waterline or don’t use any eyeliner there at all. A black liner can look awesome, but it also tends to close your eyes off and make them appear smaller than they actually are."

She also loves to highlight underneath her brow bone and in the inner corners of her eyes. "These spots are very noticeable when you are wearing glasses. As an added a bonus, applying a light shimmery shade in these areas opens up your eyes and creates the illusion of more space around the eye area. This makes them brighter and much more noticeable."

Be sure to stay tuned for more tips by Sam Maries for wearing makeup with glasses right here on My Fashion Cents! In the meantime, be sure to check out her Instagram and Youtube channel.