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Could This Be The Hair Color of 2017?

Emma Roberts is everyone's favorite "it" girl, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. She seems to be almost everyone's favorite muse. Maybe it's because she can change her look up so easily. It seems as though all she needs is a new outfit or a new hair color to make herself into a completely different person.

Last year, she debuted her famous dessert rose locks to much praise all around the Internet. Everyone seemed to head to their hairdressers after seeing her gorgeous locks. If you need a reminder, check out the photo below!

Want to know the color Roberts' is rocking this year? Check it out below! What do you think of this unique red hair color?

According to her hairstylist, Riwana Capri, her hair color is a Cayenne Spice hue. Interesting! Roberts went from her blonde locks made famous by her character on 'Scream Queens' to this bright red shade and I personally think it looks great. What do you think of her new hair look? Love it or hate it? Either way, this look is already making headlines.

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