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7 Lazy Girl Nail Hacks

Sometimes, an at-home manicure can be such a pain. But, when you don't have enough time, or money, to head to the salon, you've got to make do. Sure, doing your nails at home can be messy and cumbersome, but luckily I've teamed up with The Ogle Cosmetology School to make your manicure all the more easy. Change up your at-home manicure with this helpful infographic, Lazy Girl Nail Hacks from The Ogle School. Check it out below and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section!

Lazy Girl Nail Hacks
Lazy Girl Nail Hacks Created By: Ogle School

I love all these fun and creative ideas! Which will you be trying? Let me know in the comments section! It's so easy to get these done from the comfort of your couch. They'll give the illusion that you went to the salon. Be sure to have fun with these hacks!