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9 Ways to Achieve Longer Legs for Days

longer legs

The appearance of longer legs can be both slimming and give you a few extra inches in the height department which is a fierce combination with a killer outfit. Read on for a few tips on how to accomplish legs for days.

9 Ways to Achieve Longer Legs for Days
1. Go nude.

Shoes that match your skin tone, tights or trousers visually extend the leg.

2. Aim high.

High-waisted skirts, shorts or trousers will create the illusion that your legs start at a higher point, thus adding a more extended look. The same effect works if you opt for taller boots rather than ankle boot styles.

3. Tuck it in.

Longer tops elongate your torso taking which of course makes your legs look shorter. Simply tucking longer tops into your pants, shorts or skirts reverses the effect.

4. Crop it.

A cropped jacket shortens the torso, therefore giving the appearance of longer legs.

5. Go bold.

Rocking one color that covers your heels creates an uninterrupted visual line from your head to your toe.





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6. Rock skirts.

Dresses and skirts magically conceal where your leg starts, giving the fantasy of longer legs. The shorter the hemline, the longer the leg looks.

7. Pick pants with vertical lines.

Pants with vertical lines are one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to creating dreamy, longer legs. Vertical lines influence the eye to look up and down, which gives a lengthening effect to the leg. Longer hems will work for you too.

8. Stay away from ankle straps.

Contrary to popular belief, ankle straps visually divide the leg making them look shorter.

9. Get to the point.

Pointed shoes elongate the leg while rounded styles can have a shortening effect.

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