White Jeans Under $70 From SHOP.COM

Welcome to summer! Light shades and fabrics are what it's all about, especially in this heat. White jeans make a big part of my summer arsenal. I always have a pair on hand when traveling. They're great for the season. SHOP.COM has so many great options at prices you're sure to love. If you're on a summer budget as you build your business, then read on because I have jean options for you all under $70! Read on for all the best that SHOP.COM has to offer. Earn that BV and IBV!

White Jeans Under $70 From SHOP.COM

Levi's Women's Classic Straight Pure Jeans, SHOP.COM, $49.99

Levi's Women's Classic Mid Rise Skinny Pure Jeans, SHOP.COM, $49.99

The Limited Women's Skinny Full Length Jeans, SHOP.COM, $39.99

Levi's Women's Boyfriend Unrolled Soft Clean Jeans, SHOP.COM, $49.99

High-Rise Wide-Leg Jeans for Women, SHOP.COM, $36.00

Mid-Rise Pop Icon Skinny Jeans for Women, SHOP.COM, $30.00

Nudie Jeans Lean Dean Jeans, SHOP.COM, $69.00

Vince Camuto Cropped Skinny Jeans in Ultra White, SHOP.COM, $69.99

LUCKY BRAND Womens White Skinny Jeans, SHOP.COM, $30.99