The Cool-Girl Alternative Rent-the-Runway

Urban Outfitters has officially launched its subscription service Nuuly! If you're over the styles offered at Rent-the-Runway, there's now an alternative that features brands like Free People, Cynthia Rowley, Rita Row, and more! This is the cool-girl alternative you've been waiting for!

The Cool-Girl Alternative Rent-the-Runway

How does it work? Choose up to six items and have them sent your way. Wear these six items like you own them! Rock a vintage tee with a boot cut pair of jeans, or that flouncey dress you've been eyeing. Once you're done, you can choose to purchase your Nuuly items or send them back! Up to you!

It's a new way to experience fashion as it moves from the brick and motor store and takes you online! If you're someone who has lots of events and finds yourself too busy to shop, this is a great alternative.

Are you interested in checking out Nuuly for yourself? It's only $88 a month so it's a steal compared to other fashion subscriptions! Click here to learn more about Nuuly and everything it has to offer!

Even brick and motor stores are moving to eCommerce alternatives! The Shopping Annuity revolution is happening!

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