Taipei Style: Top Looks from #MTWAC2019

Did you see my outfit at #MTWAC2019? I wore some sparkly pants and a military inspired jacket. I wanted to wear something celebratory for the event! I love feeling confident on stage so I went for sequins to look amazing on stage. Shout out to my glam team for making my hair and makeup look fabulous. I felt amazing and ready to take on the stage. I always get a little nervous to speak in front of people so this so feeling and looking my best is imperative for me. Check out my full outfit below.

Taipei Style: Top Looks from #MTWAC2019

I was inspired by the fashion in Taiwan. There's definitely something unique about this country, and they make sure that their style reflects that. I love it! These women look classic and chic while rocking trends at the same time. Check out some of the top looks from #MTWAC2019.


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