Swim Week Catch Up: Everything You Need to Know

Miami Swim Week is one of the top highlights of my year. Fashionistas, influencers, and industry leaders flock to Miami for a week full of sun, sand, and, of course, skin—it's what fashion in Miami is all about. Get caught up on all things swimsuit season from this week! Read on for all the highlights from Swim Week thus far. You won't want to miss this post.

Swim Week Catch Up: Everything You Need to Know

It looks like brand MIMI is keeping the one shoulder swimsuit in style on trend for next summer with their Spring/Summer 2020 collection

Get tropical with this Resort collection from brand Sinesia Karol. More info on this collection down below!

No more stick thin models during Swim Week, a breadth of beauty was represented on the runway! Get ready 2020, swimwear for all!

Chloé Rose models had some fun on the runway, having models carrying bubble guns and donning colorful cuts, and fun patterns.

Swimsuit season will never be the same. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit showed that a summer body is all about having a body by hiring runway models of all sizes, ethnicities, religions, and more. I love it. The future is for everyone.