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Dress to Express: 4 Reasons Why Your Style is All About YOU

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Ladies, it's time to get real. I'm all about self-expression. That's the whole reason I started Motives® Cosmetics. I wanted women to show off their own uniqueness through makeup. I had no interest in classic beauty, I wanted to create high quality products, but, at the same time, I wanted these products to speak to women on a personal level. I'm also a big believer in that idea that style should speak to women on a personal level, as well. These days, it's less about impressing others and more about expressing your own unique personality. Here are four reasons why that's true. Read on to learn more.

 Dress to Express: 4 Reasons Why Your Style is All About YOU

What Do YOU Want to Express?: Style is all about self-expression. So the big question is, what do you want to express? I like to express my personal beliefs and my lifestyle. That's why I wear clothes that speak to me and what I want to tell the world. What do you want the world to know about you? Once you have that answer, figuring out your style should be a cinch.

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The People Who Love you, Love You for YOU: Do you dress the way you do because your afraid the people in your life won't love you if you dress any differently. Then those are the people who don't deserve to be in your life! Dress how you feel and those who love you will stick around because they love you for who you are rather than just your style!

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You Don't Answer to Anyone But Yourself: Just because a magazine or a blog says that scarves are the latest trend doesn't mean that you have to wear scarves on a daily basis. You're the one who chooses what to wear and there's no trend in this world that can change that. Do what you want when it comes to style. Again, you answer to you!

Wear Your Personality On Your Sleeve: Believe in yourself and have fun with fashion. So what if you look cooky? At least you're comfortable with yourself! That's what's most important when it comes to style.

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