MAIC 2019 Outfits to Pack Right Now

MAIC 2019 is coming in hot! Are you packed and ready? If you aren't sure what outfits to pack in your suitcase, you've come to the right place. My suggestion is to pack clothes that are comfortable and casual. The days are long and jam-packed, so we want you to dress your best while still feeling like yourself. There are plenty of ways to look cute while wearing you're more comfy pieces.

MAIC 2019 Outfits to Pack Right Now

Matching tracksuit- This is a cute outfit that's perfect for the long days. Pair your track suit with a pair of sneakers for the ultimate look. Check it out below!

ASOS DESIGN tracksuit cute sweat / basic jogger with tie with contrast binding, ASOS, $51.00

A Plain Tee- A cute graphic tee will change your easy look. Wear something that speaks to you or just a cute shirt that shows off your personality. Do you.

Adolescent Clothing 90's mobile phone graphic t-shirt, ASOS, $15.50

Long Sleeves- The Greensboro Coliseum gets chilly! You're going to want to wear some long sleeves or a jacket to keep warm while you're enjoying the conference.

ASOS DESIGN ultimate top with long sleeve and crew neck in black, ASOS, $16.00

What are you packing for MAIC 2019? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @lorenridinger.