Get the Look for Halloween: Gamora from Guardians​ of the Galaxy

During Halloween season, I like to share costumes inspired by strong female characters. If Halloween is all about playing a role and escaping yourself for one night, then might as well be someone who inspires you.

Be the fiercest woman in the galaxy by dressing like Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy! She's a woman who kicks butt with superhuman strength, agility, and an accelerated healing factor. She's a survivor, fighter, and protector. Plus, she holds her own in the Marvel Comics Universe. With the title, Deadliest Woman in the Universe, who wouldn't want to dress up as this character for Halloween?

Rubie's Women's Guardians of The Galaxy Costume, SHOP.COM, $62.86

Use this helpful makeup tutorial to get your costume on point!

Motives® Mineral Gel Eyeliner, Motives® Cosmetics, $17.95

Top off your Halloween costume with a wig like the one below!

Avengers: Endgame Gamora Wig, SHOP.COM, $39.44

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