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Brand to Know: Giapenta

I'm so excited to introduce this lingerie brand here today! Giapenta is a luxury lingerie line that brings you a modern design with the comfort you crave. Each piece is created with the modern woman in mind, which means YOU! Giapenta's female creators and team wanted to raise the stakes when it came to lingerie by solving the everyday problems we face with our bras and underwear.

Brand to Know: Giapenta

All their pieces include TempPro Technology fabric which regulates with your heating and cooling patterns in order to keep you comfortable, while their straps make sure your bra is always secure when you're on the go! On top of that, their designs are gorgeous! Check them out below!

I was so excited when I saw the gals behind Giapenta quickly reach their goal on Kickstarter. I'm happy to say that I have one of these incredible bras at home now. It's all about empowering women to reach their goals! We build each other up, especially when they create an amazing product like this one.

Be sure to check out Giapenta on Instagram. Be sure to shop their gorgeous pieces, and learn more about their company here.