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La La Anthony Opens Her Closet to Elle

La La Anthony Opens Her Closet to Elle, la la, la la anthony, loren ridinger

Actress, personality, and co-creator of Motives® for La La, La La Anthony is a force. She works so hard. I've seen her grow within the past few years and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for being an incredible friend, La!

La La Anthony Opens Her Closet to Elle

Elle magazine went by La's place to check out her closet in a segment called "The Clothes of Our Lives." La La and Elle style director Nikki Ogunnaik talk fashion, La La's favorite pieces, and her personal style. Check out the full video below.


When asked to describe her closet, La La opened up about organization in New York City. Apartments in NYC are small so it's all about priorities and staying on top of your stuff.

"I live in New York and there's never enough space so it's constantly trying to stay organized and constantly also getting rid of things because I'd just have a bed in the middle of a bunch of clothes. Whatever I don't wear, I give to my family. My mom distributes it to my family and whatever they don't keep we give to charities so it's nice to see that their clothes have a life after me."

La La knows how to dress up and dress down. She's all about comfort. When asked to describe her style, La La talked about her favorite hoodies and sneakers.

"I'm a tomboy! A lot of people don't know that. I think it's based on what they see on Instagram with hair and makeup done and all these glamorous pictures but that's not really me."

She loves her bags and sticks to one style at a time. I'm the same exact way. Sometimes it's easier to stick to one style from day to day.

"If I like one bag, it's going to be the bag for like a month because I'm so busy. I don't have time to take everything out of one and put it into something else."

La La shares some of her best looks and favorite pieces. Want to know how she got her first Birkin bag? Watch the full video below.