Celebrate National Sunglasses Day with These Shades

Happy National Sunglasses Day. Living in Miami for most of the year, sunnies are a necessity so I've got to have the right ones in my arsenal. Are you ready to deal with the summer sun with some sunglasses that fit your face to perfection? Below are some amazing sunglasses from SHOP.COM and other stores. Check them out and be sure to shop your favorite pair. You deserve some sunglasses that look fabulous on you! Enjoy.

Celebrate National Sunglasses Day with These Shades

ASOS DESIGN flat top visor sunglasses with angled lens in neon snake, ASOS, $11.00

Michael Kors Miami Sunglasses, SHOP.COM, $209.00

ASOS DESIGN chunky cat eye sunglasses, ASOS, $19.00

Dior Women's Diorama Round Sunglasses, SHOP.COM, $336.00

Quay Australia x Benefit shade queen flatbrow sunglasses in rose gold, SHOP.COM, $60.00

Prada Women's Cat Eye Sunglasses, SHOP.COM, $248.00

ASOS DESIGN pink wrap half frame visor sunglasses with blue flash lens, SHOP.COM, $11.00