Activity Trackers That Are Actually Chic

Activity Trackers That Are Actually Chic, activity, activity tracker, fitbit, stylish, trendy

Is it just me or do activity trackers tend to be a little—well, tacky. They're bulky with less than chic bands that are wide and noticeable. These are meant to be pieces that you're supposed to wear all day! Why can't they be chic and timeless? I turned to SHOP.COM to find the ultimate in activity trackers. These include smart watches so you're going to want to check out these pieces by some of your favorite brands. Read on for more!

Activity Trackers That Are Actually Chic

Fitbit Inspire Hr Lilac Strap Activity Tracker, SHOP.COM, $99.95

Garmin USA 010-01995-12 Vivosmart 4 Smart Activity Tracker Watch, SHOP.COM, $149.51

Pyle-Sports PSB1GL Fitmotion Smart Activity Tracker, SHOP.COM, $52.10

Brianna 7-Inch Multi Activity Tracker Bracelet in Hematite, SHOP.COM, $36.99

iTouch Wearables Women's IFITNESS Mint Activity Tracker Interchangeable Watch, SHOP.COM, $45.50

CF18 Smartwatch Android iOS Bluetooth Smart Sports Activity Tracker, SHOP.COM, $31.99

Timex® Women's 37mm IQ+ Move Activity Tracker Watch, SHOP.COM, $149.00