6 Stylish Things I Do Every Day

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In case you haven't realized yet fashion is my passion. I love writing about fashion. I keep up on blogs, websites and the like. I love knowing about all things new and on-trend, yet there are some things that I do every day to keep my style up to date. Sometimes it's not about trends, it's about style, ladies. Style is timeless, which is why I make sure I cultivate mine to express myself. Read on to learn about the 6 stylish things I do every day! You might want to take some notes.

6 Stylish Things I Do Every day

1. I choose my outfit a day in advance- I lay out a few outfits a day or two before an event or special occasion so I'm always prepared with a fabulous look.
2. Have an arsenal of pieces for last-minute occasions- I have a few little black dresses and pieces that I save for specific events.
3. I take care of my shoes- I take care of my shoes no matter where they come from. It's important that I take good care of my things.
4. I dress for myself - I don't always love the trends that are popular, so I dress for myself. I'm all about wearing my own style with confidence.
5. I avoid fast fashion at all costs- Fast fashion is damaging to the environment. Their bright colors and popular styles may look chic on, but they're made with toxic chemicals. Stay away from fast fashion if you can!
6. I tailor my favorite pieces for the perfect fit- Tailoring your favorite pieces is essential because the fit of your favorite outfit is important. Find a tailor that you love and go from there!