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Top Quotes from Loren Ridinger’s Opening Speech at MAIC 2017

August 10th, 2017

I love to kick off MAIC and MAWC. The energy from the crowd is palpable and really gets me excited for my speech.  This year, I tried to hype up the crowd of 25,000 with an anniversary welcome speech. I love to remind UFOs that YOU are what makes Market America what it is right now.  This was an extra special MAIC so I wanted to make sure my speech was perfect. I think I did a good job. Get inspired with a few of my quotes from  my welcome speech at MAIC2017!  Remember, for many, life starts at 25 so we still have a long, long way to go, Market America. xoxo

Top Quotes from Loren Ridinger’s Opening Speech at MAIC 2017

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“JR Ridinger had an idea and a vision that he believed he could change the world. In those early days there was very little to believe in. We started with no financial resources, but what we did have was family, the corporate team, and a handful of believers. We set out to change the industry and in doing so we created a totally new one. As a result thousands of people have gone from fear to faith to freedom.”

“Lives have been changed, families have come together, and the vision still hasn’t changed.”

“After 25 years, it’s just the beginning.”

“You can’t hope for your dreams more than you’ll work for them.”

“The most effective way to do it is just to do it.”

“You are the people power. This magic moment couldn’t have happened without you. For that, we’re forever grateful. We’re one team with one dream.”

“Market America is born on the concept of cooperation rather than competition so we work as entrepreneurs who seek to enrich each other’s lives.”

“There’s plenty of room on the journey ahead. The question is, are you ready? Are you ready for the journey? You see, we never take trips. We only take journeys.”

“You have to believe that something different will happen to you. He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both right.”

“It’s time for you to step up, success is an obligation to yourself.”

“Many of you haven’t accomplished your goals. There’s still so much more to do, so why not give it all you’ve got?”

“Let’s dream so big that we scare small minds.”

“It’s time to sacrifice today so we can have bigger tomorrows.”

“People will think you’re weird, crazy. They may even laugh at your dreams. Who cares? Let them laugh at your dreams. Take them back. They were never theirs anyway.”

“You’re going to make it. I know you’re not happy with average. You’re better than average because you’re going to give more and you’re gonna get more.”

“It’s always too early to quit. Don’t you dare settle. Don’t you dare quit. Not today or any other day. The key is believing in yourself.”

“You’re in the right place at the right time.”

“For many of us, life begins at 25.”

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