The Time Is Now! Join Us in Miami February 2019

Miami February 2019

Retailer JC Penney made headlines this month by announcing they will close up to another 100 stores this year due to slumps in sales. That's hundreds of people that will lose their jobs. Add into the mix that most people have to work well into their seventies now to 'afford' retirement, and the traditional concept of job security is officially outdated. It's critical you create your own economy now and build a legacy; it's a matter of survival! The time is now! Join thousands of entrepreneurs in Miami February 2019 for the Market America World Conference.

The Time Is Now! Join Us in Miami February 2019

These disturbing shifts are all further proof that the UnFranchise and Shopping Annuity are here for you at the right place at the right time. Join us in Miami for three days for the most significant meeting of entrepreneurial minds of the year packed with intensive learning from the best in the business. It's time to design your future and build a legacy. The time is now!

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