The Teen-Founders Slaying the Entrepreneurial Game


I recently read a feature on Entrepreneur.com and was blown away by a handful of teenage founders who are slaying the business game. Some of these teen-founders have built businesses which are raking in millions of dollars in revenue - amazing! It honestly makes my day to read motivational stories like these. Read the full feature here.

I had to share the entrepreneurial journey of Brandon Martinez, 13, and Sebastian Martinez, 11. The brothers launched a hugely successful brand right here in my hometown, Miami.

Sebastian's passion for patterned socks led to their founding Are You Kidding Socks. These amazing brothers have already sold nearly $1 million worth of socks, grown substantially, and launched a Charity Socks collection which gives a percentage of sales to charity. Sebastian and Brandon have big plans to grow their business and take over the world. What incredible boys; their parents must be so unbelievably proud!

Head over to Entrepreneur.com to read more inspiring stories from these phenomenal teen-founders!