The Step-By-Step Guide to Selling Online Courses

sell online courses

Online courses are gaining serious momentum this year with no signs of slowing down. The online education sector is estimated to be worth billions of dollars by 2020. Now is the perfect time to jump in on the action and monetize your blog or skills. Read on to discover a step-by-step guide on how to create and sell online courses successfully.

1. Choose an in-demand course topic.

What are you passionate and knowledgable about? What do your loved ones come to you for advice about based on your area of expertise? What problems can you solve for consumers?

2. Create Your Unique Value Proposition.

Once you identify your course topic, you can identify your target market, what they'll learn and how your course benefits them.

3. Validate Market Demand.

Research the market and your competitors. It's OK if there's stiff competition; this means there's a demand for your course content.
Research how frequently your target audience is searching your industry keywords. Join industry groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. If you already have an engaged social media following, you can survey your followers to identify what problems they're seeking solutions to solve.

3. Pre-sell.

Why sell online courses before you create the content? Doing things this way will help you identify the demand for your content, and create a budget for your course expenses.

4. Create Your Content.

The primary method of teaching now is live video. You can also choose to teach via voice-over-slides, screen shares, text, or audio.
Include supplementary materials and resources likes worksheets, checklists, private groups, etc. Ensure you keep your course to one key concept per lesson to keep learning to the point.

5. Focus on the learning experience.

You don't necessarily need to purchase Final Cut Pro to create your course content, but good audio is a must. You want to set a positive learning experience, which means ensuring your course audio is clear. Keep videos broken down into bitesize chunks less than 5 minutes long each.

Once you're ready to sell your online course, check out the 2019 digital marketing trends here to help promote your online course.

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