The Secret to Successful Time Management

time management

There are only twenty-four hours in the day, and we spend, on average, eight hours of those asleep. To achieve successful time management, you need to have a highly detailed calendar.

The Secret to Successful Time Management

time management

The Secret.

The secret to effective time management is prioritization, every day, especially on days where you have a million tasks all screaming for your attention. You have to schedule your day in order of priority to ensure your most urgent tasks are completed in the morning.

Prioritizing is everything.

If you don't prioritize your days, you'll find yourself becoming disorganized and less capable of fulfilling all of your responsibilities. Your day will be chaotic and overwhelming, and you'll end up stressed.

Planning is your new BFF.

Another top tip is to schedule in time for your time, like hitting the gym. If you plan the time in your calendar, you're more likely to go.

Where to start.

Start by scheduling your meetings for the week, project deadlines and personal responsibilities like collecting your kids from school, doing your weekly food shop and everything in-between.

What has to be concluded urgently? What can wait until tomorrow or later in the week? Are you more productive and focused in the morning or the afternoon? Block out time during your more productive Learning how to prioritize is an essential life skill for success and helps prevent burnout.

Eliminate distractions and ensure you have agendas for all meetings to avoid wasting time. If you need more than just an outlook calendar, research and download a calendar app like Fantastical 2 to help organize your life.

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