Step up Your Entrepreneurial Swag with These Brain Hacking Tips

brain hacking tips

Brain hacking tips, or mind hacking tips, have grown in popularity in the entrepreneurial field over the last couple of years. We all want to be better, faster, smarter – and now, there’s a way. Keep reading to find out my favorite brain hacking tips to turn you into an entrepreneurial powerhouse.

Step up Your Entrepreneurial Swag with These Brain Hacking Tips
1. Visualize Before Taking Action.

Organization is key to knowing where things are and maximizing the time you have in your day. If your desk is cluttered, you probably feel frazzled, stressed, and want to avoid cleaning altogether, which only adds to the stress. Close your eyes and picture your desk clean and organized. Feel calm and relaxed about how your desk looks. Take a few deep breaths and visit each corner of your desk in your mind. Identify the specific places for each item before you open your eyes. This hack kickstarts the automatic planning system in your brain, so when you open your eyes, you know exactly where everything should go, and it cuts down on any time spent frustrated.

2. Your Eyebrows Can Help You Be More Creative.

Raising your eyebrows and widening your eyes is proven to help boost your creativity. Try it next time you’re stumped in a brainstorm!

3. Sing to Avoid Choking Before a Big Business Pitch.

Stress and anxiety get to the best of us, often working overtime and sending our brain into overdrive during the most critical times. To avoid clamming up, or “choking,” before a huge meeting, keep your brain occupied instead of stressing. Research shows that singing keeps your mind busy until your big moment so you can’t focus on all of the things that could go wrong.

4. Write It Down.

Keep a notepad with you at all times if you need to remember things. Typing is not the same as physically putting pen to paper. The act of writing down something stimulates the part of your brain that activates your memory.

5. Add Omega-3 Fatty Acids into Your Diet.

Fish, oysters, and walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids and help build cell membranes in the brain, along with having anti-inflammatory benefits and contribute to less brain deterioration.

6. Decorate Your Workspace with Personal Items.

Ideally, having a private workspace is the best-case scenario, but either way, it’s important to decorate your office or desk with personal items to avoid emotional exhaustion. Being surrounded by personal mementos helps with comfort and maintaining energy levels in the midst of work distractions and stress.

Are you ready to hack your brain and take your entrepreneurial game to the next level? Which of these hacks are you going to try first? Tweet me @lorenridinger.