Reveal: Average Age the Wealthiest Make Their First Million


Entrepreneur.com editor, Hayden Field, announced in June that there were upwards of 19.6 million people achieving six-zero-sums to their name in 2018. Experts believe a whopping 23.4 million people will join the millionaire's club by 2023. But what age did the world's most successful people including Bill Gates make their first million? Read on to find out.

If you've been pushing towards your millionaire goals for years but are still yet to make it, these stats will show you that you're not alone. The world's wealthiest made their first million at the average age of 36; Field reports in her fascinating blog thanks to an analysis by online casino guide Slotsia.

No matter where you are in your journey to success, these statistics are a reminder to never give up. There's no reason why you cannot become a member of The Millionaire's Club. Work hard, create a strategy for business success, work a little harder, and you'll get there.

Check out the Slotsia infographic below.