Motivation Monday: How to Get Motivated No Matter What Life Throws at You

how to get motivated

Sometimes you feel down in the dumps, exhausted, and unmotivated. That’s okay. That’s part of life. But how you react and pull yourself out of that negativity, that is how you set the stage for the rest of your life. Below are my best tips on how to get motivated no matter what obstacles life throws at you.

Motivation Monday: How to Get Motivated No Matter What Life Throws at You

how to get motivated

Find inspiration.

Watch a movie, listen to music, take a walk – whatever you need to do to gather some inspiration – do it. Once you feel energized and inspired, you are ready to set a new goal.

Set one goal.

Focus on one specific thing that you really want to accomplish. Don’t take on too much. Instead, set your mind to achieving one goal at a time to build your motivation and confidence back up.

Publicize your goal.

Post your goal on social media to hold you accountable. If it’s too personal, write it in a journal and refer back to it daily, or tell a trusted friend or family member.

Get excited about your goal.

Think about WHY you are doing this. Your why is so important. Let that drive you and get you excited about what’s to come.

Find support.

There is always someone willing and wanting to support you. Seek them out and let them encourage you when you start to doubt yourself. Having a team (even just one other person) is essential to getting through the days when you just aren’t feeling it.

Visualize daily.

Visualize yourself achieving your goal. Speak it into existence. Practice the law of attraction and attract the life you want to live.

Choose to be positive.

Our thoughts are made up of 75% negativity. So, we have to consciously be aware of what we are saying to shift those thoughts to positive ones. The more positivity that is prevalent in your thought patterns, the more positivity will manifest in your life.

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