Monday Motivation: 4 Money Tips from Self-Made Billionaires

self-made billionaires

Of the estimated 585 billionaires living in the USA, around 360 of these are self-made billionaires. Their stories are fascinating, and living proof that dreams do come true. Read on to discover the top money tips some of the world's greatest self-made billionaires live by to achieve and maintain success.

Monday Motivation: 4 Money Tips from Self-Made Billionaires
  1. Warren Buffet - Live simply and invest in yourself.

Warren Buffet is famous for evading an extravagant lifestyle, instead preferring a modest and economic life. Buffet allegedly still lives in the same house he brought in 1957, rarely buys new cars, and is know to grab a McDonald's breakfast on his way to slay the day. Buffet wholeheartedly believes that the best investment you can make is investing in yourself. Identify your weaknesses, and strengthen them so that nothing is holding you back.

  1. Richard Branson - Start small but think big.

Branson advises aspiring entrepreneurs to start small while thinking big. Always be thinking about what the next big step is, how you can expand, and how you will take your idea global.

  1. Sara Blakely - Don't quit your day job.

Sara Blakely is the youngest female self-made billionaire ever thanks to Spanx. Blakely founded her Spanx empire on just $5,000 while keeping her day job to stay financially afloat. Going it alone without any investors ensured Blakely still owns 100% of the company without a single cent of debt. Amazing!

  1. Chris Sacca - Be cheap.

Chris Sacca is a venture capitalist who invested in platforms like Instagram and Uber in the early days. He advises aspiring millionaires and billionaires not to spend money. He firmly believes that penny-pinching avoids debt and gives you the freedom to invest in new and exciting business ventures.

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