Monday Motivation: 20 Money Mantras to Help You Find Your Financial Freedom

money mantras

“Stop being the chess piece, and start being the chess player. It’s time to master the game of money once and for all.”
– Tony Robbins

How do you master the game of money? First off, start by finding money mantras that resonate with your specific financial goals. Then repeat this mantra several times daily until it becomes second nature. Speak your money goals into existence. You’ve got this!

Monday Motivation: 20 Money Mantras to Help You Find Your Financial Freedom

money mantras

Below are some of my favorite money mantras to help you find your financial freedom:

1. I am a money magnet.

2. I attract more and more money every single day.

3. My bank account and bills bring me hope and excitement, not fear.

4. Money flows easily, freely and abundantly to me.

5. I am worthy of being paid for my time, energy and expertise.

6. I am financially stable and financially independent.

7. I always have more than enough money.

8. My life and my bank account are overflowing with richness.

9. I am in control of my life and my finances.

10. There is always another dollar for me to earn.

11. My relationship with money is positive and fulfilling.

12. Every dollar I spend or give away always comes back to me tenfold.

13. I pay all of my bills on time and always have money left over.

14. I will never run out of money.

15. I am smart when it comes to managing my money and my future.

16. I am always positively focused on my finances and financial future.

17. I will never stop grinding and hustling as I keep my eye on the financial prize.

18. No matter how much money I spend, I will never run out.

19. I always make smart financial decisions.

20. I am a financial boss babe and I am creating my own powerful financial destiny.

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