MAWC2018: 3 Signs You're Ready to Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey

entrepreneurial journey

Each year, thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs take action on the fire in their stomach and make moves to set up alone to be in control of their financial destiny. The entrepreneurial journey will be the biggest roller coaster of your life. The best sure-fire way to cement your success is to join a network of entrepreneurs who can support and guide you towards success.

Trust me. There will be so many typical obstacles you can avoid just by having a network of inspiring members who can steer you away from everyday pitfalls, saving you time and money.

entrepreneurial journey

This February, thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs will join me at the Market America World Conference in Miami. As a prospective entrepreneur, this is the most powerful event of the year.

How do you know when you're ready to start your entrepreneurial journey? Here are three signs you're primed to step out alone and make a commitment to your future by attending #MAWC2018.

1. It's all you can think about

If you wake up every morning with a hunger for more in your stomach, daydream about your ideas all day and lie awake at night dreaming of becoming a successful entrepreneur - you're ready to start your entrepreneurial journey. That appetite and drive is the fuel that will propel you through the next few months of this life-changing adventure.

2. Your day job no longer fulfills you

If your job no longer motivates or inspires you, and all you can think about is how great starting your own business would be, it may be time to test the entrepreneurial waters. If the idea of pursuing a business around your passion excites you and the understanding that you'll likely be putting in many more hours over the next few months doesn't scare you off in the slightest, this is a definite sign you're ready to ditch the nine-to-five.

3. You understand the risks involved

Quick success in the business world is rare. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears goes into making your dream a reality. Any effective business plan includes extensive market research and a hardcore strategy. Joining a network like SHOP.COM is a great way to convert to a business owner and sell your products via an already-established online platform.

Entrepreneurship is a volatile world, but it's a journey you will never regret - though you may perhaps regret not starting sooner. Your future starts now!

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