MAWC 2018: My Opening Speech

What an incredible kick-off this morning at MAWC 2018! I just stepped off stage from delivering my opening speech, and I am completely blown away by the magnetic energy illuminating the crowd in the arena today.

It made my day to feel the hunger and passion radiating from so many aspiring entrepreneurs. I am so excited to be present in this life-changing moment in your lives - your future starts now!

MAWC 2018: My Opening Speech

my opening speech

You are the creator of your destiny. What happens from this moment forward all comes down to you. The wheels are in motion, and you started the first day of your new life today. I'm excited for all of you!

''Let me tell you the most amazing thing about this business – you get to spend more time with your family.'' 

If you are here with me in Miami, I hope you take advantage of every opportunity this weekend to learn, grow, network, make plans, and commence turning your ideas into reality this weekend.

‘’I can’t remember life before Market America - and I just don’t want to!’’

We are ready to share our industry knowledge and wisdom with you. We are giving you the platform along with all of the tools you need to succeed. The catalyst for fulfilling your aspirations is YOU. Let this newfound entrepreneurial energy ignite the fire in your soul and propel you forward in designing your destiny.

‘’Nothing will hit you harder than life. It’s not about how hard you get hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep getting back up.’’

I just want to take a moment to thank every single one of you who prayed with us for our dear friend Tony Bowling today. Tony has been by our side at every Market America event for the last 25 years. He is currently recovering from a stroke which is he could not be here today with his wife, Pam, but we have been assured he is on the mend. I just know seeing the standing ovation from 22,000 people sharing a prayer for him will make his day, and help him achieve a speedy recovery.

Ayden’s ready! #mawc2018 #dayone ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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