MAIC 2019: Are You a Chicken, a Duck, or a Goose?

maic 2019

MAWC 2019 was Market America's most potent event yet. We are going from strength to strength thanks to people power, and ongoing game-changing improvements to the Shopping Annuity and UnFranchise. Our events play an essential role in your success. We provide you with all of the knowledge, insights, inspiration, and networking to help you create your own economy.

MAIC 2019: Are You a Chicken, a Duck, or a Goose?

The next influential step in your entrepreneurial evolution is to join us in Greensboro for our International Convention. Be a goose and grab three tickets here and lead a geese procession to greatness! There is nothing more urgent than achieving the life of your dreams. The Market America International Convention has all of the ingredients you need to make you successful. All you have to do is make a commitment to upgrade your life and turn up.

I can't wait to see you all in North Carolina, where the Market America journey began for JR and I twenty-five years ago. Back then, we didn't have a penny so we lived on Mac & Cheese provided by my mother, and our occasional date night was at Wendy's because we couldn't afford to eat out. You've probably heard our story a million times, but I love sharing it. It's a beautiful reminder that you can achieve the life of your dreams too!

Will you be a chicken, a duck, or a goose this year? Tweet me @lorenridinger.