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Loren Named in Top Motivational Entrepreneurs of 2017 List

January 10th, 2018

Today, I am so honored to learn that I’ve been named one of the top 20 most motivational entrepreneurs of 2017 by Design Mantic.

It fills me with pride knowing that something JR and I started all those years ago with a little budget – but a big dream – is now an established business that inspires the entrepreneurial journey of others.

Loren Named in Top Motivational Entrepreneurs of 2017 List

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Many more hungry college graduates and nine-to-fivers are at this very moment considering taking the plunge and dipping a toe or two into the entrepreneurial world this year. I’m thrilled to play a role in inspiring such entrepreneurs.

I’m excited to see all of the movers and shakers about to bubble to the surface in 2018 – ready to disrupt industries with their creativity and a fresh approach.

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If you have a business idea you dream of bringing to fruition this year, go for it! Trust me; you’ll never look back! Read the full article here.

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