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How to Stop Indecisiveness Controlling Your Life

stop indecisiveness

We all contain traits of slight to severe indecisiveness in every aspect of our lives. We grapple enough just deciding what we want to eat. So, imagine how our brains will struggle when we need to choose the color hues for our new business branding, or what color we want to repaint our bathroom? When you consider how much time you spend on making these simple decisions daily, you realize how much time you're wasting weekly. Here's how to stop your indecisiveness and keep your day moving.

The early bird catches the worm.

If you generate an innovative business idea, indecisiveness will slow you down at bringing the business idea to fruition, and thus your huge opportunity could be lost. The same applies to successful business owners who wait too long to decide whether they should grow their business to reflect new industry trends. Think Blockbuster and the opportunity they missed from evolving into the first Netflix… The same goes for the guy who spent so long deciding whether to ask his dream girl out; she finds a boyfriend by the time he asks.

How can I cure indecisiveness?

Indecisiveness is fueled by fear and insecurity. Work on developing your confidence and your ability to make good decisions - learn to activate your inner opportunist, and strike while the iron's hot! Instead of overthinking everything, seek inspiration from the movie Yes Man and impulsively say yes to every opportunity (within reason). It gets more comfortable with time.

The secret.

Remind yourself there is a solution. If you make the 'wrong' decision, there is always a solution.

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